Thomas Kernes
September 22, 2023

I have been attending DSA courses for over a decade now and they just keep getting better.  This is the 5th time I have taken Advanced Combat Pistol Level I, and every time I attend, I learn something new and get a chance to refine my fundamentals all under the all-seeing eyes of Marshall and his cadre of instructors.

Marshall and the DSA cadre all bring something special to the training and this continues to be my go-to place for pistol and rifle instruction.

These classes are worth the investment of both time and money and you will learn skills that might just save your life.

Thomas Kernes

Eli Vang
September 22, 2023

November 15, 2010:

First off I would like to say thank you to all the DSA instructors. Marshall, Lance, Jeremy, and Kai were all extremely helpful, friendly, outgoing and kind. You can tell what kind of person someone is within the first few seconds of speaking with them, and you can tell that the DSA instructors LOVE what they do, do it for a reason and it also helps that they are damn good at it!

I am a Police Officer here in Oklahoma. I have been an Officer for about 3 years and in those 3 years, I have been wanting to take this course. I want to be able to provide the absolute best public service to the community and to go home every night after my shift. I owe it to the people and to myself to know how to use my tools, and how to use them properly and effectively. A firearm is a tool that I may need to use to save the life of a victim from a maggot dirt-bag. I may also have to use it to save my life someday, because at the end of the day, I have a family to go home to.

Before taking this class I knew that I could go into this training blind and come out confident, due to all the prior student testimonials. I also knew because the founding DSA instructors were trained by the grandfather of Oklahoma instructors, one of the best instructors in the world, who is also one of DSA’s instructors, Vince O’Neil. To have a person of that stature and his firearms staff tell his 200+ cadets in my Police academy class that DSA will provide us with a lifetime tool to stay alive, how the hell do you NOT want to enroll?

I came in knowing that I had bad habits that needed to be broken. I have had prior training in the past after the academy, with lots of different instructors, but as Marshall says, don’t waste your training with training bad habits, and that’s exactly what I did. Prior instructors could not break my bad habits due to the way they taught. Marshall and his crew taught their curriculum with passion and made it easy to understand. They did not yell, curse, get angry or frustrated with us. They gave us all one on one, sometimes two or three on one training. They allowed us to shoot until we understood, they answered questions that we had and explained everything we were confused about. What helped the most is they SHOWED us how to do it, as other instructors I’ve had seemed to be afraid to “screw up” in front of us. Having the instructors show us the techniques first hand and even having Lance screw up(you were down 3 😀 ), shows us that they are human.

Marshall asked the more experience shooters to try to learn 3 new things. The whole class was a learning experience! I learned far more then 3 things. I learned how to properly SLACK OUT, proper trigger control, grip the pistol, follow through, transition from target to target, new reloading techniques, a new song, what kind of people the DSA instructors were, and A LOT more :). Because of these things I feel much more confident, that if I make that decision and need to take that shot, that I WILL make it and WILL go home that night.

DSA is simply THE BEST professional training I have EVER had. No exaggerations and I was not paid or forced to say this! LOL. I told Marshall before the class that I was a very hard person to please and impress. Well Marshall, you guys have pleased and impressed me and easily earned my respect.

Thank you, thank you for giving me these life skills. I hope to train with you and your crew in the future.

Eli Vang

Maggie Bowman
September 19, 2023

AR-15 Level 1 Sept. 16-17, 2023

I took the AR-15 Level 1 rifle class this past weekend (I was the only girl in the class with 9 men by the way).  To say this class was amazing is an understatement.  I learned so much from this class, especially the first half.  This part of the class consisted of taking apart the rifle to its bare minimum, cleaning it, making sure it is properly lubricated, then putting it back together.  If I can do this, anyone can.  You must be very meticulous with each part as you don’t want to jam/force anything back in its place or else…..

The second half of day one was just as awesome!  We were able to zero our rifles and shoot from 7, 10, and 50 yards.  We were given several positions to shoot from:  standing, prone, and kneeling to name a few.  We also performed several different drills throughout the first day and we all ENJOYED THAT A LOT!

Now onto day two….. we went over (briefly) what we learned on day one and off to the races we went!  We continued with several different drills (body/body/head) was one of them.  We were actually tested on our speed (which I wasn’t the fastest, but I was accurate).  One of these days the speed will come, but for now, I was all about the accuracy.  For me, the entire class was great, but the highlight was towards the end of the day when we got to shoot from 130 yards.  Talk about a WOW factor.  The steel plates from 130 yards seemed so small.  I made all my shots from both prone and standing positions.  I couldn’t believe it.  Without Marshall’s instruction, I could not have done this.  Trigger control and breathing ARE KEY!!  We were all stoked about shooting from this distance.  It was awesome.

Not one time did I feel unsafe.  SAFETY IS A HUGE PRIORITY AT DSA and Marshall made sure we were all handling our rifles in a safe manner.  Each time we were done with a drill, we moved the selector to SAFE.

I have taken a few classes from DSA and I must say, this AR-15 class is my absolute favorite.  Honestly, any class taken at DSA will become a favorite.  I CANNOT STRESS enough how safe I (we) felt.  If you have a chance to take this class or any other DSA class for that matter, PLEASE consider it.  It is definitely worth your time and money.  You absolutely CANNOT put a price tag on saving your life or the lives of others.  All the instructors at DSA are top notch and none of them are intimidating.  They are extremely patient with each and every one of us.  There were experienced shooters in the class as well as novice shooters and EVERYONE was treated the same, with respect and courtesy.  

I was a little freaked out at first being the only girl in the class, but after a bit, I was good to go.  I kept up with those men like it was no big deal (lol).  I’d like to think I even taught them a thing or two.  HA!

Don’t be afraid to take any classes that DSA has to offer.  Once you get the first class out of the way, I guarantee you will be back for more.

THANK YOU again for an awesome class/weekend!


Chaz Macrander
July 19, 2023

Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1

I had the pleasure of attending ACP Level 1 on June 23-24 in Bennett, Nebraska. The course was taught by Marshall Luton and Jeremy Snow. Class started with a prayer (which I really appreciated) then a thorough safety brief. The safety protocols were enforced throughout the class and Marshall and Jeremy did a fantastic job of catching any infractions or potential infractions before they happened.

I personally have over 240 hours of professional handgun training from various instructors, most of whom are well known in the firearms industry. This was by far the best handgun shooting class I have ever attended. If I had to summarize the overall focus of this class, I would have to say that by far the main point of the curriculum is accuracy. In my experience, accuracy often takes a backseat in pistol training to other things like proper grip, proper stance, or even the presentation from the holster. In some classes, as long as students can keep the majority of their shots inside an FBI Q target at 5 yards, the instructors will focus on ensuring that students simply look proper doing it. While I believe stance, grip, and presentation are important, the DSA instructors did a very good job in covering and critiquing those areas as well. Above that, they placed a huge emphasis on getting your hits first, then quickly preparing to deliver a subsequent hit. Roughly 85% of the rounds fired in this 2-day class were fired at 3-inch circles at 5 yards. While Marshall and Jeremy were expecting your rounds to be inside those circles, they also encouraged you to push the speed and drive your gun to find your limitation. If you were getting all of your hits inside that little circle, then you could and should be trying to do it faster.

The step-by-step class progression was absolutely perfect for the new and experienced shooter. We focused on one thing at a time and then added to the primary tasks once the students had a grasp on what was covered in the previous block of instruction. Regardless of your ability level, taking this class will make you a better, faster shooter.


David Clare
July 6, 2023


Advanced Combat Pistol Level 1

Over the weekend of June 23-24 I attended the ACP course in Lincoln, Nebraska. The course was superb.  I had never received any instruction with handguns.  I am definitely a novice.  I learned an incredible amount in just 2 days.  Most important, I learned the proper way to practice.  I learned how crucial the basic fundamentals are for success. Marshall and Jeremy are tremendous instructors, but they are even better people.  They are incredibly passionate about their trade.  We discussed dedication to practice whether it be with marksmanship or any other discipline.  We can always better ourselves recreationally or professionally.  We are also never too old to better ourselves.  This was emphasized repeatedly throughout the class. Overall, it was a tremendous course taught by tremendous people! Many thanks!

David Clare


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