May 9, 2023

Any responsible person who carries a pistol and is serious about developing his or her skills definitely must take Advanced Combat Pistol 1 (ACP1). Marshall Luton’s world-class experience combined with skillful effective teaching make this an exceptional training course, perhaps one of the best you can find anywhere. The class alternates between in-depth explanations of a critical fundamental (for example trigger press), followed by carefully planned live-fire drills. Marshall has a eye for subtle errors, which he corrects, always in a positive encouraging manner. His objective is to make us better shooters. For example, when I thought I needed to slow down to reduce misses, he said, “No, that’s not the problem; you need to aim harder.” Our class included police officers, competitive shooters and ordinary armed citizens. It was challenging, but also very satisfying and fun. I took home many valuable pointers that I will continue practicing to take my performance to the next level.

Tom Salmon
Retired optometry professor
NSU continuing education firearms instructor