AR-15 Rifle Level I- September 10-11, 2022
September 15, 2022

AR15 Level I (Urban Rifle) INSTRUCTION was a priceless wealth of knowledge and information – perfectly balanced such that the first-time student was not overwhelmed nor the seasoned shooter underwhelmed. That’s not an easy accomplishment and it speaks volumes of the level of expertise and skill of DSA™ as a training company.

The TRAINERS were Billy Smith, Marshall Luton, and Trooper Brian Costanza (whom I received training from for the first time and learned quite a game changing weapons manipulation from). Now…this is where my testimony gets hard because I struggle to find words fitting enough to convey the greatness of these gentlemen and express how they have impacted my life. Suffice it to say that they are men of honor, respect, valor, humility, discipline, and dedication. This world is sorely lacking in men such as this and whoever finds their life graced by one (let alone two) should count themselves as having been graced with the greatest of fortunes, as I do.

Of my many “ah-ha” moments of training over the last two years, a personal BREAKTHROUGH came for me during this class and I’ve spent the past few days since then mulling over what, how, and why it happened. It was the second half of day one and I was timidly, gingerly, and delicately maneuvering my charging handle when Billy (who misses nothing) started explaining how the rifle was literally engineered to perform and respond with aggressive handling. I don’t recall the exact words he used to describe how favorably your rifle would react to “man-handling” because in the next breath he locked eyes with me as he said I CHALLENGE YOU to try it.

A switch flipped in me in that precise moment as I ripped that charging handle with my most fierce intention and determination to separate it from my rifle. Well let me tell you that it’s still attached, but an overwhelming feeling of visceral power, control, and confidence flooded me and I felt myself connect mind and body with my rifle. I hear there are many like it, but this one is mine and I will master it as I will master my life- with intention and determination, with discipline and training.

My gratitude knows no bounds for the anchor and direction that DSA™ provides me in life.