Private Training - May 20, 2023
May 23, 2023

I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but once I got there the good vibes took over.  With their friendly demeanors and having everything prepared for our class, it was a great start! They even pre-thought about what we could’ve forgotten and brought extras of everything. Marshall and Maggie went above and beyond to make the day not only comfortable and fun, but the wealth of knowledge we left with……incredible!

I had shot before with friends who never fully explained much, and now that I know….being on the range with them wasn’t exactly safe.  Add sketchy rigging/modifications and you could figure out why I was always extremely leery of shooting.  However, I had always wanted to learn to be able to protect myself and family should I ever need to. With that in mind, I left wanting to take my husband directly to the gun store (LOL) and get me an AR-15, a Smith and Wesson 9mm, a Glock 48, or one of the Sig Sauer P365 XL’s!   OH, and I will never use the word “CLIP” again.  Thank you for all that you do! We appreciated the day and now our newfound “shootin’ confidence”!