ACP I March 4-5, 2023
May 23, 2023

What an amazing day my work colleagues and I had on Saturday for a Defensive Shooting Class with Marshall Luton!  We were a bunch of novices to the process and more than a little intimidated by shooting guns.  By the time we all left there, we felt informed and certainly more equipped to understand dealing with threats.   We not only learned the basics of handling and firing a weapon, but also what to look for in our everyday surroundings to keep us safe.

Even though Marshall works with highly trained and experienced law enforcement groups, he also knows how to speak to newbies on their level and not overwhelm us with information.  He provided great instruction and took away our fears so that we could learn.  His relaxed manner of teaching, sense of humor, incredible patience and willingness to guide us all individually made for a fun and worthwhile day.  We’ve all unanimously agreed we want to schedule another class in the Fall!

I would highly recommend his classes!