Rural Tactics- May 6-7, 2023
May 10, 2023

Defensive Shooting Academy’s Rural Tactics is the best firearms course I have ever taken. Instructor Billy Smith is the absolute epitome of a quality instructor. He has copious real world empiric knowledge and can pass that knowledge onto his students in a concise, understandable, yet urgent manner. The students in this class were highly trained. SWAT guys, prior military, etc. They were way above my skill set, yet I never felt intimidated or out of place.

You may know how to run a rifle, but do you know how to run it when the SHTF in a real-world event? Can you communicate and work with a team to mitigate a threat in a rural environment when your life depends on it? This course, Rural Tactics, will give you many tools, but it is so much more than just a shooting course. These tactics will give you a route to access opportunities that could lead you to the most important element leading up to a CQB… Surprise. With tip of the spear instruction, set in a real-world scenario, this course gave me invaluable instruction with my gun, but more importantly, it expanded the use of the most important weapon in an SHTF moment, the mind. I could take this course over again and again, and envision learning something new and valuable each time.