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"This course is designed to do one thing...change the way you look at the world and increase the odds of you NOT becoming the victim of a crime." -Kai Mitchell, DSA™ Instructor

If you have ever tried to learn anything from your husband, boyfriend, dad, etc., you'll know how frustrating that can be. At DSA™ we have removed the stressful element of learning firearms skills in front of men. There’s no yelling, no pressure, and no demeaning, arrogant firearms instructors talking down to you in our course. We designed it just for you. No men are allowed to even come and watch or listen, so that element of pressure is fully removed. Whether you have never handled a firearm before or you are an experienced competition shooter, this course has been proven to benefit both.

What you will find we have created for you is a very RELAXED, STRESS FREE, FUN ATMOSPHERE to enjoy learning how firearms work and: how to hold them; aim them; stand with them; carry them; load them; unload them; and, shoot them with proficiency.

Marshall Luton, Lead Instructor and Owner of DSA™, is a retired 27-year veteran Tulsa Police Officer who has drawn from his experience to provide you a safe, controlled environment that includes a curriculum that will teach you:

    • What to look for when you’re in public.
    • How to carry yourself in public.
    • What NOT to do when you are in public.
    • What bad guys do to totally give them away.
    • How to drive, plan ahead, and how NOT to get yourself backed into a corner when you’re on the road.
    • How to know where you are in case something happens and you need to dial 911. (Geography)
    • What to do if your family is present.
    • What the best weapon for home defense is and why.
    • What to do if you are being followed.

No previous firearms experience is necessary to attend this class. In fact, you don’t even have to own a gun to participate. The tuition covers gun rental and we will have at least 10 different pistols for you to try out. Part of this course is learning how to properly fit a firearm to your hand to help you in making the correct purchase of your own firearm. We want to save you from buying the wrong gun. If you want to bring and shoot your own pistol, great! Bring your magazines and holster if you have one.

You also do not have to have a concealed license to take this class. If you don’t have one yet, what you will get out of this class is an education and the ability to go pass that course with ease! While you will not get a certificate from us allowing you to get your carry-concealed license, what you will learn in this course far surpasses anything taught in that class.

What is required to take this course?


It’s totally up to you how much ammo you bring. We have had women go thru 500 rounds and we have had women stop at 100 rounds. Buy whatever caliber ammo of pistol you want to shoot. We will have 22mm and 9mm ammo available for purchase if you don’t know what to buy. We do not stock any other caliber of ammo.


The lodge on site will have both ANSI rated eye protection, foam ear plugs, and electronic ear protection for purchase if you do not have your own. You can also pick these items up from your local sports store.


If you are flying in, we’ll be happy to provide you with one. We have a few extras.


We’ll leave as a group to have lunch and you’ll also want money for any ammo, gear, or t-shirts, etc. that you want to buy from us.

What will it be like?

  • 60% lecture.
  • 20% dry fire (learning about a firearm with no bullets loaded).
  • 20% live fire. We allow you to shoot until you’re done. When you’re done, we’re done. We have nowhere to be and we will stay until dark if you want us to. We are there to serve you!
  • You will not only leave this course comfortable handling, carrying and shooting a firearm but you will gain self-confidence, self-esteem and leave feeling EMPOWERED!

If you have any hesitation or doubts whether this is for you, or you just want more details on what it’s like, please spend time reviewing some of the student testimonials of women who’ve taken this course and let them speak to you about their experience.

Come train with us at DSA™. You’ll be so glad you did.

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