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The Combat Carbine course is a VERY fast and intense course designed to maximize a shooter’s deployment of their carbine’s capabilities in a close to intermediate range environment: 50 yards and less.

This class is designed for shooters who are familiar with the operation of their carbine and want to maximize their effectiveness while deploying it. This is NOT a beginner level class. If you’re a police officer with a carbine in your car, a tactical unit officer, a 3-gun shooter, a member of the military or an engaged civilian who wants to prevail on the worst day of your life, then this is the perfect class for you.

In this course shooters will learn:

    • Refresher of four fire arms safety rules;
    • Zeroing procedures;
    • Discussion and execution of precision shooting versus accurate fire;
    • Sling fitment and utilization;
    • Positional shooting;
    • Reflexive fire;
    • Use of cover;
    • Reloading techniques;
    • Primary to secondary transitions;
    • Shooting on the move;
    • Multiple target engagements; and,
    • More….


There are no formal training prerequisites required for participation in this course. Likewise, you cannot be “overqualified” to take it either. There are civilians and law enforcement students alike who have taken this course many times over as they find it sharpens their developed skills and they continually learn more each time.

    • Satisfactory completion of this course may make you eligible for other DSA™ courses, subject to Owner/Operator admissions approval.
    • Ability to pass a criminal background check is required for admission into all DSA™ courses.


Carbine. Any caliber 9mm-.223, 7.62x39 or similar. Please no big guns: .308 etc.
Three magazines (at least). Bring as many as you can and a way to carry them: belt pouches, chest rig, etc.
Sling. Single point or two point. We’ll cover both.
Sighting system. ALREADY MOUNTED on your rifle with a minimum of 1x magnification such as: iron sights, red dot (Aimpoint, EO Tech, MRO, Spitfire, RMR, Vortex Venom and so forth), a variable power optic with minimum magnification of 1x such as the 1-6x optics popular in competition.
1,000 rounds of ammunition. We are going to do our best to help you conserve ammo due to cost.
Pistol. Minimum two magazines, a securely fastened, strong side holster, at least one double mag pouch or two single mag pouches, and 150 rounds pistol ammo.
Eye and ear protection. Your eye protection should be chosen very carefully. We shoot steel in our classes so make sure they are ANSI approved and ballistic rated.
A lawn chair is a must have. If you are flying in, we’ll be happy to provide you with one. We have a few extras.


Shooting mat, bipod, shooting bag and knee pads. These are not required but will make for more comfortable training.
Lunch money or a bagged lunch both days. Snacks to keep your energy up. There is no restaurant on site so we will have to leave the facility for lunch. Water will be provided all day every day.
Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity. We recommend long pants but you can wear shorts if you want. A baseball hat is advisable.
Bring a towel for your hands, band-aids or waterproof, flexible tape. Co-ban or Vet-wrap works nicely. Sunscreen is advisable if you burn easily.
Cash for ammo, t-shirts, hats, holsters, mag pouches and other gear. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and have taken the liberty to purchase a few items you might find beneficial for your training experience. We can take credit cards on the range but we prefer cash.
Pen/Pencil and Paper for note taking. We will be sharing tons of information with you and recommend you take notes.

We strongly recommend that L.E.O.’s train in your duty gear if applicable.

Make your purchase today and come see why this is one of our most sought after courses!

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