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“If you own a rifle of any type this class is a must. We will teach you more about your rifle and how to shoot it than you thought possible!” –Jeremy Snow, Instructor

The concept of this course is simple: the use of a rifle in short to mid-range environments. This should not be confused with the doctrine of the sniper or counter-sniper with increased ranges and the use of scoped rifles. The AR-15 relies on the use of conventional iron sights in conjunction with an optic that allows the shooter to “co-witness” with the iron sights if necessary. Sights such as the EO Tech, Aimpoint, Trijicon Reflex and others similar to these allow the shooter to focus on the threat and super-impose the red dot on the target.

This course teaches accuracy and the fundamentals of marksmanship with a focus on:

    • Nomenclature and proper maintenance.
    • Difference between precision and reflexive fire.
    • Communication and tactics.
    • Proper kinesthetic alignment.
    • Malfunction clearance drills.
    • Weapon manipulation including status checks.
    • Proper loading and unloading techniques.
    • Zeroing, sight adjustment and a little bit of ballistics.
    • Engaging targets at various distances and learning to compensate for mechanical offset.
    • Engaging targets from various shooting positions including prone, support kneeling, supported barricade positions, sitting, standing and high kneeling.
    • Various reloading techniques including speed reloads, lock-back reloads, tactical reloads and reloads with retention.


There are no formal training prerequisites required for participation in this course. Likewise, you cannot be “overqualified” to take it either. There are civilians and law enforcement students alike who have taken this course many times over as they find it sharpens their developed skills and they continually learn more each time.

  • Satisfactory completion of this course may make you eligible for other DSA™ courses, subject to Owner/Operator admissions approval.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check is required for admission into all DSA courses.




Semi-auto, fully automatic or 3-round burst rifles are all acceptable.

This is an AR-15 class. If you have some other variant or other type of rifle, that’s fine, just please understand we are not gunsmiths
Single point, tactical, or 2-point sling. If you want to learn how to use a sling to enhance your accuracy let us know, we’ll be happy to show you.
Three magazines (at least). Bring as many as you can.

Cleaning equipment:

·Good, lubricating oil with high temperature tolerances
·Oil applicator bottles for getting into small areas
·Lots of Q-tips (longer ones if you can find them)
·Chamber Brushes
·Bore cleaner
·Barrel mops and bore brushes
·Barrel snakes are a nice option
·Punch kit if you have it
·Carbon Scraper if you have one
·Cleaning rod and jags

Don’t show up without the bulk of these items. If you don’t have a few of these things, we will be happy to assist you, but you’ll need them eventually so we would appreciate it if you would do your best to have them when you come.

600 to 800 rounds of ammunition. We are going to do our best to help you conserve ammo due to cost.
ANSI approved and ballistic rated eye and ear protection (electronic headphones preferably). Your eye protection should be chosen very carefully. We shoot steel in our classes so make sure they are ANSI approved and ballistic rated.
You will need a large towel that you can get dirty. This is to cover the lodge’s table to prevent scuffing and marring.
A lawn chair is a must have. Leave this in your vehicle until we move to the Bay. You will not need it in the classroom. If you are flying in, we’ll be happy to provide you with one. We have a few extras.



Knee-pads and a shooting mat are going to make you more comfortable.

The dew will be heavy on the ground in the mornings, so bring something to lay and sit on if you don’t want to be wet all day long.
Lunch money or a bagged lunch both days. Snacks to keep your energy up. There is no restaurant on site so we will have to leave the facility for lunch. Water will be provided all day every day.
Red Dot. You’ll learn to shoot with your iron sights first but after that, a red dot reflex sight such as the EOTech, Elcan, or Aimpoint will help.
Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity. We recommend long pants. A baseball hat is advisable. We strongly recommend that L.E.O.’s train in your duty gear if applicable.
Bring a towel for your hands, band-aids or waterproof, flexible tape. Co-ban or Vet-wrap works nicely. Sunscreen is advisable if you burn easily.
Cash for ammo, t-shirts, hats, holsters, mag pouches and other gear. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and have taken the liberty to purchase a few items you might find beneficial for your training experience. We can take credit cards on the range but we prefer cash.
Pen/Pencil and Paper for note taking. We will be sharing tons of information with you and recommend you take notes.

Follow up this course with our AR-15 Rifle Level II and you’ll be ready to deploy; carry on duty; or, defend yourself, your home, and your family…

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