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“This is, by far, the most important class we teach. It's the most beneficial course taught at DSA™ because everything you learn can be applied to any application, including what it takes to survive a lethal encounter.” – Marshall K. Luton, Jr. (Owner/Operator)

This course has been proven to benefit both the novice shooter and I.P.S.C. Grand Masters alike. Not only is it the foundation of all of our training, the techniques you will learn in this course will help you improve your shooting skills, gun handling skills, and greatly enhance your confidence level.

The professional and personal attention you will receive in this two-day course will focus on:

    • The fundamentals of shooting: specifically, proper body positioning, grip, sight alignment, follow through and most importantly, proper trigger control.
    • Speed shooting techniques and how to maintain your ability to shoot quickly without losing your accuracy.
    • How to operate your pistol reflexively to ensure accurate, stance-directed fire.
    • Techniques used by the top shooters in the world.
    • Speed reloads, tactical reloads and the emergency or slide-lock reloads.
    • The draw from both concealed and open carry.
    • Multiple target engagement and shooting from distances ranging from 5 to 50 yards.
    • How to properly pull the trigger so you can, as we say, "prepare to fight again".
    • Transitioning from target to target with lightning speed and accuracy.


There are no formal training prerequisites required for participation in this course. Likewise, you cannot be “overqualified” to take it either. There are civilians and law enforcement students alike who have taken this course many times over as they find it sharpens their developed skills and they continually learn more each time.

  • Satisfactory completion of this course may make you eligible for other DSA™ courses, subject to Owner/Operator admissions approval.
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check is required for admission into all DSA courses.


Medium to full sized SEMI-AUTOMATIC pistol. A sub-compact pistol is NOT recommended. You are welcome to shoot more than one gun but we recommend you train with the gun you are going to carry (or compete with.) Please don’t show up with a .380 Bersa, High Point, or any other type of unreliable pistol. You won’t make it through the class with it.
Three magazines (at least). Bring as many as you can.
A securely fastened, strong side holster. Buy a Kydex holster specifically designed for your gun. This is to minimize the chance of people muzzling themselves when they holster. Don’t buy a Blackhawk SERPA holster. It is unsafe and we do not allow those on the range. If this is all you have, bring it and we’ll see if we can find you a different one to use for the class.
At least one double mag pouch or two single mag pouches. We have these for sale if you need them (and you’ll love them). If you prefer to buy them in advance don’t buy one that holds two mags. Buy two individual pouches that hold one mag. We do NOT recommend the deep Blackhawk pouches.
1,000 rounds of ammunition. We are going to do our best to help you conserve ammo due to cost. You may purchase 9mm from us at $600/1,000 rounds (our costs at purchase).
ANSI approved and ballistic rated eye and ear protection (electronic headphones preferably). Your eye protection should be chosen very carefully. We shoot steel in our classes so make sure they are ANSI approved and ballistic rated.
A lawn chair is a must have. If you are flying in, we’ll be happy to provide you with one. We have a few extras.


Lunch money or a bagged lunch both days. Snacks to keep your energy up. There is no restaurant on site so we will have to leave the facility for lunch. Water will be provided all day every day.
Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity. We recommend long pants but you can wear shorts if you want. A baseball hat is advisable. We strongly recommend that L.E.O.’s train in your duty gear if applicable.
Cleaning equipment for your weapon. We recommend a backup gun if you are shooting a 1911.
Bring a towel for your hands, band-aids or waterproof, flexible tape. Co-ban or Vet-wrap works nicely. Sunscreen is advisable if you burn easily.
Cash for ammo, t-shirts, hats, holsters, mag pouches and other gear. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and have taken the liberty to purchase a few items you might find beneficial for your training experience. We can take credit cards on the range but we prefer cash.
Pen/Pencil and Paper for note taking. We will be sharing tons of information with you and recommend you take notes.

Whether your training needs lie in law enforcement, personal defense, or competitive shooting, this class is a must.

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