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Defensive Shooting Academy is proud to announce its new program, Intro to E.D.C. This curriculum is designed specifically for individuals who are either new to firearms or new to the idea of carrying a gun every day. The term "E.D.C." stands for "every day carry" and it has become a buzzword in the firearms community. If you are interested in learning about what to carry, how to carry, where to carry, why to carry, and more, this 4-5 hour training block is for you.

During the Intro to E.D.C. program, attendees will learn about the law, the use of deadly force, the difference between property crimes and people crimes, and what constitutes imminent danger. The program also covers concealment, gun choice, holster selection, the use of flashlights and weapon-mounted lights, detectability and its potential consequences, proper concealment techniques, and the responsibility of owning a firearm. The program also covers home defense and preferred weapons of choice, how to fit a gun to your hand, the differences between revolvers and semiautomatic pistols, and safe firearm handling skills.

In conclusion, the Intro to E.D.C. program at Defensive Shooting Academy is the perfect introduction to firearms and everyday carry for individuals who are new to the concept. This comprehensive training block covers all the key elements of firearm safety, carrying, and usage and provides a solid foundation for those looking to make firearms a part of their daily life.

NOTE: No Shooting is involved, so we can do this in your living room. Invite a few friends over and I'll entertain you. It's basically a show and tell for adults because I'm gonna bring cases of guns, boxes of holsters, flashlights, weapon mounted lights, belts, and more.

It's a hands on learning experience where you can ask all the questions you want. You can put your hands on a dozen different pistols in the comfort of your own home. This, alone, might save you $1000 and keep you from buying the wrong gun.

Cost for this session is $500, and I don't care how many people you can gather up for it.

2 people = $500

20 people = $500. Makes no difference to me. Pick a date. Let's have some fun learning together.

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