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Courses of fire in this class include shooting from inside, around and into a vehicle; dealing with passengers; shooting different types of glass; exit strategies; use of cover; and, much more. This is NOT a beginner class.

The objectives and goals of this one-day advanced specialty course are:

    • One handed shooting techniques (Pistol)
    • Intro to bi-lateral shooting with shoulder fired weapon.
    • Vehicle set up based on type of weapon you are using (storage).
    • Drawing from a seated position (in vehicle).
    • How to engage threats from front, left, right, and rear.
    • How to engage threats using a carbine.
    • Intermediate Barrier shooting. Why and how...types of glass to consider.
    • How to use various places of vehicle for cover.
    • Alternate shooting positions.
    • Dismounting under duress.
    • Exit strategies for breaking contact.
    • Vehicle Assaults and formations.
    • Extraction principals.


This course is designed for an individual officer/operator working in, and/or around vehicles in commission of their duties; as well as small teams working in a Private Security Detail capacity. However, please note:

Trained and vetted civilian students of DSA™ may be granted admission subject to Owner approval. If you are a civilian student of DSA™ purchasing this course does not guarantee you admission until you have received Owner approval. You must call or email your qualifications to be considered for admission. You may purchase the course to hold your seat pending review of your request. If you are denied admission your purchase will be refunded.

    • Ability to pass a criminal background check is required for admission into all DSA courses.


    • Medium to full sized semi-automatic pistol with at least three magazines.
    • Rifle/Carbine with at least three magazines.
    • A rifle sling is a must.
    • A securely fastened, strong side holster.
    • At least one double mag pouch or two single mag pouches.
    • 300 rounds of pistol ammo and 300 rounds of rifle ammo.
    • Chest rig, tactical vests and SWAT gear are not necessary.
    • ANSI approved and ballistic rated lenses.
    • Double ear protection (electronic headphones plus ear plugs) is required for shooting inside of vehicle.
    • A mask or bandanna is required for protection from inhaling glass inside of vehicle.
    • A lawn chair is a must. If you’re flying in, we’ll have one for you.


Lunch money or a bagged lunch both days. Snacks to keep your energy up. There is no restaurant on site so we will have to leave the facility for lunch. Water will be provided.
Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity. We recommend long pants but you can wear shorts if you want. A baseball hat is advisable. We strongly recommend that L.E.O.’s train in your duty gear if applicable.
Cleaning equipment for your weapon. We recommend a backup gun if you are shooting a 1911.
Bring a towel for your hands, band-aids or waterproof, flexible tape. Co-ban or Vet-wrap works nicely. Sunscreen is advisable if you burn easily.
Cash for ammo, t-shirts, hats, holsters, mag pouches and other gear. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and have taken the liberty to purchase a few items you might find beneficial for your training experience. We can take credit cards on the range but we prefer cash.
Pen/Pencil and Paper for note taking. We will be sharing tons of information with you and recommend you take notes.

Our specialty tactical classes fill very quickly so we urge you to make your purchase today.

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